SG1 College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 11

Make your picks for week 10!

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See each person’s picks from week 10 here.

Scoring: There will be 10 games each week. Each game is worth 10 points.

Bonus: There will be two bonus questions each week. Each pick is worth 5 points and will be awarded to the person who gets closest. (If there is a tie, everyone who is tied will get 5 points). If someone gets the bonus question exactly right, they will receive 20 points.

Prize: There will be an actual prize this year! The prize will be determined at a later date, and will be valued at AT LEAST $25. Depending on the number of participants, the prize could be higher, but will not exceed $500.

Select which team you think will win each game from the drop down boxes under each match-up. Then, enter your pick for the two bonus questions and enter your YouTube username.

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you enter the same username each week, or your points will not be added together.

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